About us

More than twenty five years ago, in 1984, we founded 3S-Arbeitsschutz GmbH with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of people working in highly complex environments. Since the company's founding, we have therefore specialized in the development and manufacture of CE-certified protective clothing.

As the only franchised supplier of the DuPont material TYVEK, TYCHEM, TYCHEM C / F and TK in the German-speaking region, we develop not only standard protective clothing but also, more particularly, specialized products for individual applications. We also work with various polypropylene nonwovens and synthetic, coated and laminated materials.

Naturally, we also advise each customer individually. This consulting service includes lab-assisted analysis of the specific requirements to be met by the materials. In this way, we work out solutions to each problem jointly with the customer.

Our product range satisfies all the requirements of our customers for chemical protective clothing. From serged overlock-seamed suits to fully sealed coveralls and partial body protection products, we are able to tailor our developments to a variety of special applications. In this respect, it is unimportant whether you are looking for protection against solid, liquid, gaseous or biological hazardous substances.

Our long years of experience in the development of volume-produced and customized products, combined with strict monitoring of our own production guarantee our customers an unrivalled standard of quality and safety.
On request, we also provide our customers with training and instruction in the use of our products. We regularly offer training courses and seminars on all conceivable subjects in the field of chemical protective clothing.
Close cooperation and dialogue with our customers also often result in new materials and end products, giving us exceptional capabilities in the fields of creativity, innovation and technology.

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