Coverall MULTI® Splash

Cat. III, Type 5 & 6

Due to a completely new staple fiber-technology, the terms protection and wearing comfort are redefined! This coverall is designed to fulfi  the high requirements in Paint Spraying. This coverall is free of paint destructive substances.

The highly breathable and antistatic treated (EN 1149-5) multilayer spun-bonded material is low-linting, has excellent repellency values against alcohol- and oil-containing substances (Type 6), as well as against solid particulates and dust (Type 5). The for years approved design (3-piece hood = moves anatomically with the head & a gusset = less tension on the seams when kneeling or bowing = lower risk of tearing) was acquired for the MULTI® Splash.

Additional Comfort: A two-way zipper & textile cuffs, along with the elastic band (legs, waist, head) provides the best comfort of movement and an optimal fit.

Application Samples:

Surface treatment (Varnishes, paints and coatings),
Clean up operation (e.g. asbestos recycling),
decontamination of contaminated land and industrial plants, handling of solid hazardous substances, inspection works, tank- & sewer cleaning, agriculture, food industry,
pharmaceutical & chemical industry, police investigation.


Multilayer polypropylene (SMMS)



Basis weight:

60 g/m2


Typ 5: Particle-proof protective clothing  EN ISO 13982
Typ 6: Limited spray-tight protective clothing  EN 13034
Antistatic  EN 1149-5


Penetration data EN 368:

 Chemical  Physical state  CAS  Repellency index
 Sulphuric acid (30 %)  l  7664-93-9  95 %
 Sodium hydroxide (10 %)  l  1310-73-2  97,3 %
 o-Xylene (undiluted)  l  95-47-6  5,4 %
 Butan-1-ol (undiluted)  l  71-36-3  38,4 %


Material Properties:

 Fabric physical properties  Test method  Unite  Result  EN – Class
 Abrasion resistance  EN 530  Cycles  > 500  3
 Puncture resistance  EN 863  N  10  2
 Tensile resistance  EN ISO 13934-1  N  120 L / 57 Q  1
 Tear resistance  EN ISO 9073-4  N  66 L  / 34.3 Q  2
 Seam strength  EN ISO 13935-2  N  > 125  4
 Spec. surface resistance  Test EN 1149-1  /  Standard EN 1149-5  Ohm  4,1 x 109  - 


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