Coverall PROTEC® Plus

Cat. III, Type 4B, 5B & 6B

The PROTEC®Plus coverall offers you a very high level of protection against dust, fibers, particles, spray mist and biological hazardous substances.

A raised zipper flap with adhesive closure over the zipper ensures the best possible tightness; in addition, there is an extra adhesive chin cover. Elastic thumb loops prevent the sleeves from riding up when working overhead.

The PROTEC® Plus is made of lint-free material and has is antistatic.

Application samples:

Disposal of contaminated substances, laboratory work, decontamination work, handling of solid and liquid hazardous substances (without pressure), clean room, inspection work, revision work, tank- and sewer cleaning, agriculture/plant protection, veterinaries, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, police investigation work, resin coatings, nuclear sector, paints and varnishes, pandemic cases

Material :

Microporous Film/SMMS



Basis weight:

65 gr / m

CE :

 Typ 4B: Spray-proof protective clothing  EN 14605
 Typ 5B: Particle-proof protective clothing  EN ISO 13982
 Typ 6B: Limited spray-tight protective clothing  EN 13034
 Biobarrier  EN 14126
 Antistatic  EN 1149-5
 Against radioactive contamination  EN 1073-2*



Penetration data EN 368:

 Chemical  Physical state  CAS  Repellency index
 Sulphuric acid (30%)  l  7664-93-9  98,2 %
 Sodium hydroxide (10%)  l  1310-73-2  98,1 %
 o-Xylene  l  67-63-0  94,7 %
 Butan-1-ol (undiluted)  l  71-36-3  95,2 %



Material Properties:

 Fabric physical properties  Test method  Unit  Result  EN - Class
 Abrasion resistance  EN 530  cycles  > 100 < 500  2 / 6
 Puncture resistance  EN 863  N  7,63  1 / 6
 Tear resistance  ISO 9073-4  N   62,3 L / 36,4 Q  2 / 6
 Seam strength  EN ISO 13935-2  N   > 108  3 / 6
 Spec. surface resistance  Test EN 1149-1  Standard EN 1149-5  Ohm   5,6 x 109  -


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